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Introducing Memo — a new way to access actual reach and engagement data for your earned media, directly from hundreds of top publishers

As marketers, we were frustrated not knowing exactly how our hard work generating media coverage was paying off. So we decided to fix the problem — by bringing together hundreds of top publishers to share their article analytics data directly with marketers in a standardized way.

Now, you can know exactly how many consumers read and how they engaged with your earned media.

Say goodbye to guessing and hello to knowing the true impact of your earned media

What Can Marketers Do With Memo?

Access highly granular engagement data for all of your earned media mentions

See key performance metrics like page views, engaged time, and how far people scrolled on the page – broken out by location and device

Standardize earned media measurement across all publishers

Analyze and compare mentions across different publishers, based on actual reach and engagement

Track real-time performance and identify long-term trends

Understand how engagement ebbs and flows over time to determine the ongoing value of traffic from social, referrals, and search

The Market for Buyers and Sellers of Content Data

For Buyers

Get better insights and access key content data

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For Sellers

Monetize a new revenue channel and retain your content’s value

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