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Memo in Latin means “It must be remembered.” That sums up how we here at Memo feel about the impact of earned media. Too often though, the value earned media coverage drives for brands is easily overlooked.

The reality is that current earned media measurement tools don’t provide a full picture into the tremendous impact reading about a brand can have on consumers’ purchase decisions. Earned media builds awareness, influences sentiment, and drives purchase behavior, yet the credit often goes to more easily quantifiable sources of a brands’ marketing mix. This has cultivated an environment that ultimately devalues publishers’ content and the time and effort that communications and PR professionals put into securing earned media.

Memo exists to change this. Through partnership with hundreds of top publishers, we are peeling back the curtain and empowering communications and PR professionals with unprecedented insights on how readers are engaging with earned media.

We hope to aid in the sustainability of media organizations by creating new monetization opportunities around their valuable content. And by bringing first- of-its-kind readership and engagement data to market, ensure that earned media is not only remembered, but given the proper recognition and attribution as a key driver of brands’ marketing efforts.

Meet our team

Memo was founded with the purpose of helping brands and communications professionals unlock the powerful data behind their earned media mentions.

Started by Eddie Kim, Founder and CEO of SimpleReach, the leading branded content analytics platform, Memo takes a rich history of understanding how consumers engage with content in all different formats and across platforms and applies nearly a decade’s worth of experience to the earned media space.

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