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Stories are essential to culture and humanity. How we learn. How we connect. How we understand.

We tell stories through a variety of mediums but none as powerful as the press in its ability to affect real change to a business. Brands have long known that the stories told about them in the media are intrinsically linked to success, but the stakes have never been higher. Say the wrong thing or miscalculate a response to a crisis in today’s environment and it can negatively impact sales or tank stock prices.

As our world becomes more and more consumed with stories, the shapers of those stories – PR and communications practitioners - will see their craft become more integral in defining business strategy and ensuring consumer confidence.

Memo is building a new data-driven future for PR professionals by harnessing readership data directly from online media publications. By revealing exactly how many people have read articles about your brand and competitors, you can better measure your work and understand what messaging is truly resonating.

We envision a new future where readership data helps to lift an entire PR and media ecosystem and ensure quality journalism gets the credit and recognition it deserves.

In a world driven by stories, the future will belong to the storytellers and those who can wield new data to better shape them.

Meet our team

Memo was founded with the purpose of helping brands and communications professionals unlock the powerful data behind their earned media mentions.

Started by Eddie Kim, Founder and CEO of SimpleReach, the leading branded content analytics platform, Memo takes a rich history of understanding how consumers engage with content in all different formats and across platforms and applies nearly a decade’s worth of experience to the earned media space.

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