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Memo exists to empower storytellers

We are living in a narrative driven world. The stories around us carry the messages that shape our views and beliefs. One of the most important channels through which our stories are told and reinforced is premium publications. At the same time, we are living in a data driven world. For the first time, Memo enables access to actual readership data of articles written in publications to empower storytellers.

If a story falls in a forest? Good storytelling is ineffective if no one ever hears it. With the stories being written in the publications so critical to companies, who can afford not to have a clear understanding of what is resonating. By uncovering exactly how many people have read articles about your brand and competitors, you can better measure your work, and confidently craft narratives backed by accurate and reliable readership data.

For the stewards of those stories – PR and Communications practitioners - data has become essential to guiding the C-Suite on business strategy and ensuring consumer confidence.

We envision a future where readership data becomes the standard for the PR and Communications industry, and in doing so, give earned media the credit and recognition it deserves.

Our Core Values

customer led


Our customers help shape and inform our platform everyday. We love getting to learn from their PR expertise to deliver the best media insights possible.

data obsessed

Data obsessed

Bringing science to the art of storytelling creates a lot of exciting possibilities. Our focus on tapping into new data is transforming how brands approach telling their stories.

future forward

Future forward

Communicators need a solution that evolves with the demands of their roles. We’re committed to ensuring PR & comms have the latest data and tools they need to create effective messaging.

Meet the Team


Eddie Kim

Founder & CEO


Karlie Santucci

Chief Customer Officer


Brad Kagawa


Alex Shea

Alexandra Shea

VP of Product Management

Dan Fahy - Updated

Dan Fahy

VP of Sales


Joe Park

VP of Operations

Dianna Rubino

Dianna Rubino

VP of Customer Experience


Allison Horton

Head of Insights


Join the Memo team

We believe big things are possible when everyone is working towards the same goal. When it comes to transforming how communications professionals use data, everyone at Memo has their own role to play.

Our team works all across the U.S. but are united in our vision for a data-driven PR industry. Interested in joining us?

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