Memo Insights Reporting

Through partnerships with digital publishers, Memo provides PR and Communications teams with earned-media insights unavailable through impressions and proxy metrics alone.

Access data for individual articles, or work with Memo to create custom insights reports. Frequently requested reports include:

  • Campaign Summary: Provides engagement metrics for articles within a specified time period and highlights major PR wins
  • Competitive Analysis: Compares metrics across 2-5 brands to identify new PR opportunities, competitor tactics, and share of voice
  • Content Strategy: Analyzes engagement with content about a topic to find resonant angles, impactful publishers, and influential journalists
  • Crisis Management: Provides real-time updates about engagement with a story and on what channels it’s gaining traction.

Meet our team

Memo was founded with the purpose of helping brands and communications professionals unlock the powerful data behind their earned media mentions.

Started by Eddie Kim, Founder and CEO of SimpleReach, the leading branded content analytics platform, Memo takes a rich history of understanding how consumers engage with content in all different formats and across platforms and applies nearly a decade’s worth of experience to the earned media space.

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